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In the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Kansas City - Steven Coronado recently obtained Summary Judgment for a former wrestling coach accused of negligently supervising a student injured during wrestling practice

United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit - The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed the granting of a Motion for Summary Judgment obtained by Steven Coronado in a Law Enforcement liability case involving an alleged wrongful shooting

Steven Coronado and Paul Gordon recently obtained Summary Judgment for a former wrestling coach accused of negligently supervising a student injured during wrestling practice

Mark Katz, Chris Heigele and paralegal Andy Rizzo teamed up for a big jury trial win in federal court in Kansas. Our clients manufactured and sold a pressure washer to the plaintiffs. The pressure washer was put away after it was used for 8 hours without sufficient cool-down time with the hot muffler guard against combustible materials, which started a fire resulting in a total loss of the plaintiffs' home and its contents. The plaintiffs and their insurance company claimed the warnings on the machine and in the operator's manual were inadequate to warn of the danger of putting away a pressure washer with a hot engine, but our clients pointed out two warnings on the machine, itself, along with a variety of instructions in the manual that let the plaintiffs know of the possible hazard. The plaintiffs sought almost $1 million in damages for property loss. The jury found the plaintiff who used the pressure washer 90% at fault and found the plaintiffs suffered no damage at all, resulting in zero liability to our clients.

Coronado Katz remains undefeated in jury trials following a recent verdict in a slip and fall case this month in Clay County, Missouri. The case was tried by Steven Coronado and Maggie Tucker. The trial took four days to complete and the jury returned its verdict in our client's favor after approximately 2 hours of deliberations. Steve and Maggie were assisted at trial by paralegal Andy Rizzo.

Steven Coronado and Christopher Heigele recently obtained a summary judgment dismissal for one of their police department clients in an alleged excessive force case and the result was published in the DRI publication The Voice. See attached link.

In November, 2013, Mark Katz and Maggie Tucker teamed up to defeat an employment claim in Kansas federal court with an early motion for summary judgment. Our clients were a city and two city officials who were accused of not providing a "name-clearing hearing" to a police officer who was terminated. Investigation showed the opportunity for a hearing was provided to the plaintiff, but he failed to appear as scheduled. Mark and Maggie noticed the potential to dispose of the case at an early stage on a statute of limitations issue, and they were successful. The case is now on appeal to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. For more information, see the District Court's memorandum and order. Gorman v. City of Olathe, No. 12-2246-RDR (Nov. 5, 2013), 2013 WL 5930368.

Steve Coronado recently attended a seminar on food safety forensics which addressed increasing claims related to food contamination and the difficulties in tracing responsibility.

Steven Coronado and Larry Nordling recently achieved a favorable result for one or our governmental entity clients by employing some creative negotiation tactics. Plaintiffs in the case sought damages in excess of $25,000.00 for claims of negligence, res ipsa loquitur, inverse condemnation and violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983. The case was resolved for a minimum payment which was substantially less than the cost of defense, and in addition, the governmental entity obtained permanent easements across the subject property as part of the settlement.

Steven Coronado and Larry Nordling recently settled a construction law dispute without the payment of any money by our client. Our client and one other defendant were accused of negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent misrepresentation, and violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. Plaintiffs in the case sought compensatory damages exceeding $32,000.00, and punitive damages. Through negotiations conducted by Steve and Larry, the other defendant in the case funded 100% of the settlement amount paid to plaintiffs to resolve the case.

In August, 2013 Steven Coronado and Christopher Heigele received a favorable result for one of our governmental entity clients by obtaining Summary Judgment in a wrongful death case. It was alleged our clients used unreasonable force when they shot an individual during an incident where the individual pointed what was described as a handgun at the law enforcement officers involved. The Court found the officers acted appropriately and within the standard of care. For a copy of the Court's ruling please contact either Steve or Chris.

Mark Katz settled two employment cases for a local city without payment. Our client was accused of violating the Family and Medical Leave Act by retaliating against two employees for taking leave. The city had an excellent FMLA policy and could show well-documented reasons for disciplining the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs agreed to dismiss their cases without any payment from the city at a court-ordered mediation.

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