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Steve Coronado recently obtained summary judgment for one of the firms' school district clients based on the application of Sovereign Immunity.

Mark Katz was honored to present at the Johnson County, Kansas Bar Association all-day CLE event on "Litigating in Federal Court and Missouri - You're Not in Kansas, Anymore."

Chris Heigele and Steve Coronado recently obtained summary judgment in the U.S. District of Missouri on behalf of a local City and its Chief of Police. The plaintiff accidentally shot himself inside his apartment. Plaintiff stored his rifles in the closet by running a chain through the trigger guard, over the triggers. Unfortunately, one rifle was loaded and fired a round in to plaintiff's chest. The Police responded to the emergency and not wanting to leave the rifles in this unsafe condition, cut chains and removed the rifles from the home for safe keeping. Plaintiff refused to make a written request for the rifles return and instead filed suit alleging, among other things, a violation of the Second Amendment's right to bear arms. The Court ruled there was no violation of the Constitution and there was no liability on the part of the City because plaintiff failed to show an in appropriate City policy or procedure, any failure to train its police officers, and no prior notice of any violation of law.

Steve Coronado and Chris Heigele were recently victorious in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Court Affirmed an earlier grant of summary judgment in favor of their client, a rural County Commission. The County Prosecutor had sued the Commission alleging the Commissioners had retaliated against him for speaking out on a personal address assignment issue by cutting the prosecutor's budget, terminating a lease agreement and requesting the Missouri Attorney General to investigate. The Trial Court ruled and the Appeals Court affirmed that the County had absolute legislative immunity for its decisions about the budget and lease, and qualified immunity for the request for investigation to the Attorney General because the County relied on the advice of its attorney.

Chris Heigele recently obtained summary judgment in the district court of Johnson County, Kansas, on behalf of local police officers. The plaintiff was the subject of a concerned citizen's 911 call reporting plaintiff's suspicious vehicle and plaintiff running into the nearby woods in a residential area. The police officers responded to the call and stopped and questioned plaintiff. After determining there was no warrants for plaintiff's arrest and his vehicle legal, plaintiff was released. Plaintiff sued alleging he was wrongfully detained in violation of the Constitution without probable cause. The Court found in favor of the Officers finding Kansas Statute allows for the brief investigatory detention of plaintiff to determine his identity and reasons for being in the location because under the circumstances the Officers had reasonable suspicion plaintiff had or was about to engage in criminal activity. The reasonable suspicion was created by the 911 call and prior reports of crime in that precise area.

Chris Heigele recently obtained a dismissal of a lawsuit in the U.S. District of Missouri on behalf of a rural County in mid-Missouri. Plaintiff was incarcerated in the county jail and rolled out of the top bunk of his bed. Plaintiff, represented by an attorney, sued the County Commissioners and the County Sheriff for alleged violation of his Constitutional rights for negligently assigning him the top bunk. The Court dismissed the case noting that mere negligence cannot serve to violate someone's Constitutional rights in any circumstance.

Steve Coronado was recently recognized during the Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City's 25th Anniversary celebration as one of the original members of the organization and a past President.

For the 4th straight year, this past March, Steve Coronado served on the faculty of the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Trial Academy. The program lasted two and half days and focused on teaching trial skills to practicing defense lawyers with less than 5 years of experience.

In April Steven F. Coronado and Maggie Tucker obtain Summary Judgement for an area school district and district volunteer who were sued by a student injured during and after school sponsored activity. The Court found that Sovereign Immunity and Official Immunity applied to the claims alleged against the district and its volunteer.

Mark Katz has been invited to speak at the Johnson County Bar's June CLE program. This year's topic: "Litigating in Federal Court and Missouri-You're Not in Kansas, Anymore!"

Mark Katz was honored to moderate a panel on how expert witnesses are treated in different international forums at the DRI Product Liability Conference in February.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed the summary judgment Maggie Tucker obtained on behalf of two national clients arising out of the cancellation of a money transfer. Plaintiff filed suit in Missouri Federal Court alleging breach of contract and other causes of action, including a claim under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and various Minnesota Statutes. As demonstrated in the Motion, Defendants were entitled to judgment as a matter of law for a variety of reasons including Plaintiff had no claim under the Missouri Act as he was attempting to purchase a business asset, which is not covered by the Act, and Plaintiff had no standing to bring claims under the Minnesota Statutes as he was not a resident of Minnesota.

Steven F. Coronado attended client counsel meetings last month in Jupiter Florida and Oak Brook Illinois. He found both meeting a great learning opportunity and chance to further strengthen client relationships.

Steven F. Coronado, Mark D. Katz, and Christopher L. Heigele were selected as 2016 Kansas and Missouri Super Lawyers.

This month Steven F. Coronado attended Panel Counsel meetings in Jupiter, Florida and Chicago, Illinois for two different firm clients.

Steven Coronado and Maggie Tucker obtained dismissal of a case filed against a local School District and Board of Education arising out of the alleged failure to allow a transgender student access to the boys' bathroom and locker room facilities at school. Plaintiff filed suit in Missouri State Court alleging sex discrimination under the Missouri Human Rights Act. As demonstrated in the Motion to Dismiss, Plaintiff's claim was not truly discrimination based on sex but rather discrimination based on transgender status, which is not a protected class under the Act.

Maggie Tucker obtained summary judgment on behalf of two national clients arising out of the cancellation of a money transfer. Plaintiff filed suit in Missouri Federal Court alleging breach of contract and other causes of action, including a claim under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and various Minnesota Statutes. As demonstrated in the Motion, Defendants were entitled to judgment as a matter of law for a variety of reasons including Plaintiff had no claim under the Missouri Act as he was attempting to purchase a business asset, which is not covered by the Act and Plaintiff had no standing to bring claims under the Minnesota Statutes as he was not a resident of Minnesota.

Steve Coronado Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers

Congratulations to Steve Coronado who was recently recognized by the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers for his 9 years of service on their Board of Directors.

Christopher L. Heigele attended the National Tactical Officers Association's SWAT litigation defense seminar where he learned additional strategies in defending use of force and officer involved shooting claims.

Christopher L. Heigele was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (MODL).

Steven F. Coronado recently attended the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Annual Meeting where he was recognized for his 9 years of service as a member of the MODL Board of Directors and Past President. Steve has now termed out as a Director but will continue to serve the Board in other capacities.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Mark D. Katz presented at the Johnson County Bar Association's continuing education event on personal jurisdiction and the foreign manufacturer.

Steve Coronado and Chris Heigele recently obtained summary judgment and dismissal in the U.S. District Court of Missouri in a First Amendment retaliation claim against one of their County Commission clients. The County was sued by its elected part-time prosecutor. The Court also dismissed a takings claim against the County affirming the County's authority to install address signs for emergency responders as allowed by Missouri statute.

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Steve Coronado was part of the faculty for the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers' annual trial academy held at the University of Missouri this past month. In addition to mentoring various attendees he also spoke on the "Art of Closing Argument". The academy was well attended and the feedback was excellent.

Chris Heigele and Steve Coronado were victorious in a recent appeal in the Missouri Supreme Court. In that proceeding, the underlying trial court refused to dismiss a local municipality in a case involving its police officers for alleged excessive force (and other claims) during an arrest in a traffic stop. The trial court ruled the municipality waived its immunity by purchasing insurance. The Supreme Court overturned the trial court's decision, ruling the purchase of insurance did not waive the municipality's immunity, after written briefing and Chris' oral argument before the Court.

Maggie Tucker has been appointed as the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Region 8 Co-Chair. As the Co-Chair, Maggie will have oversight responsibility for the leadership and local CLM Chapter activities in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.

Steve Coronado has been selected as a faculty member and presenter at this year’s Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (MODL) John Oliver Trial Academy to be held March 30 – April 1 in Columbia, Missouri. Steve will be addressing closing argument at this year’s MODL Trial Academy.

Coronado Katz LLC congratulates Mark Katz, who was elected to serve as the President of the Kansas Association of Defense Counsel (KADC) for the year 2016.

Maggie Tucker attended the Defense Research Institute (DRI) Data Breach and Privacy Seminar in Chicago in early November. Maggie was the 2015 Seminar Marketing Chair. Maggie has accepted the position of Seminar Vice-Chair for 2016.

Maggie Tucker attended the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Extra Contractual and Insurance Coverage Seminar in New York City in early December. Maggie is one of the co-chairs for the Insurance Coverage Committee and will continue in that position in 2016.

The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District recently affirmed an Order from a Jackson County Circuit Judge granting judgment for our client, a former coach with the Grandview School District. The Court found supervision of a middle school wrestler during wrestling practice was a discretionary act covered by Official Immunity. The case was argued by Steve Coronado in the Court of Appeals. A full copy of the Western District's opinion can be viewed at http://www.courts.mo.gov/file.jsp?id=92115

The Missouri Supreme Court recently entered a preliminary writ of prohibition on behalf the City of Grandview, represented by Steve Coronado and Chris Heigele, because of the trial court's denial of summary judgment on sovereign immunity grounds.

Mark Katz recently returned from the annual meeting of DRI-Voice of the Defense Bar, in Washington, D.C. While he was there, he was interviewed by A.M. Best TV on the effect of emerging technologies on product liability and insurance coverage.

Mark's interview can be found at http://www3.ambest.com/directories/legal_videos.asp, and Coronado Katz LLP's A.M. Best profile can be found at http://www3.ambest.com/DPSDirectorySearch/CompanyDisplay.aspx?dpid=41647&nid=1.

Maggie Tucker taught at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance's Claims College in the School of Construction on September 11, 2015.

Coronado Katz congratulates founding member, Mark Katz, who has been asked to present the case law update at the Product Liability conference put on in February, 2016 by DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar.

Maggie Tucker has been selected to serve as faculty at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance 2015 Claims College for the School of Construction which will be held September 9-12, 2015 in Philadelphia.

Coronado Katz LLC "Put the Boots to ALS" this weekend by participating in a 5k on Saturday, July 18, 2015. The CK Gators (short for LitiGATORS) walked/ran through pouring rain in the hopes for one day finding a cure for ALS. See photos from the race on our Facebook page: Coronado Katz LLC

Coronado Katz LLC is supporting research for ALS by forming the team CK Defenders to race July 18, 2015 in "Putting the Boots to ALS 5k Run/Walk". Race team members include: Steve Coronado, Mark Katz, Maggie Tucker, Andy Rizzo, Missy Fennesy and Miriam Kaseff along with their families. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please go to: https://raceroster.com/events/2015/5171/putting-the-boots-to-als/teams and click PLEDGE next to CK Defenders.

Maggie Tucker attended the annual conference of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance in California. Maggie serves as Lead Chair of the national Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee.

Check out recent posts by Coronado Katz Members at The Litigation Department.

Recap of 2014 Jury Verdicts in Greater Kansas City Area

Chris Heigele recently returned from the DRI Governmental Liability Seminar held in San Diego, California. Chris was very much involved in the planning of this year's very successful seminar and is now slotted to be the Program Chairman for next year. Coronado Katz was a sponsor of the event.

Steve Coronado and Mark Katz recently attended the DRI Product Liability Conference in Las Vegas. Coronado Katz has been a longtime supporter of this Conference and this year was no exception as Coronado Katz was again a key sponsor of the Conference. As a result of his past experience and participation in the Consumer Goods Specialized Litigation Group (SLG), Paul Gordon has been nominated to become the Chair of this very active and important SLG. Congratulations to Paul for his nomination and all his hard work with the Consumer Goods SLG.

Steve Coronado, Maggie Tucker and Chris Heigele successfully obtained the dismissal of two separate lawsuits, for two different municipal clients in the last several weeks, without the payment of any money.

Check out recent posts by Coronado Katz Members at The Litigation Department.

No Dorothy, It's Not Forum Shopping - Don't Count on Kansas Law Applying to a Kansas Injury Where the Parties are Missouri Residents

Notice Requirement For Municipalities Under Kansas Tort Claims ACT (KTCA) Does Not Apply to Suits Against Employees of Municipalities

Chris Heigele, Vice Chairman of the DRI Governmental Liability Seminar, will be attending this year's seminar January 29-30, 2015 in San Diego, California. Afterwards, Chris will assume his duties as Chairman of the 2016 seminar in Austin, Texas, and hit the ground running in coordinating another entertaining and valuable seminar for the attorneys who defend governmental entities around the country.

Maggie Tucker has resumed the position as Lead Chair of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance's Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee for 2015.

Congratulations to Mark Katz, who was elected to serve as the Vice President of the Kansas Association of Defense Counsel at its annual meeting. KADC also awarded Mark the F. James Robinson Silver Helmet Award for appearing before and testifying to the Kansas Legislature.

Maggie attended the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance's Bad Faith and Insurance Coverage Litigation annual conference in New York City in December. Maggie is Co-Chair of the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee.

Congratulations to Larry Nordling, who was elected to serve a 2-year term on the Board of Directors for Kansas Association of Defense Counsel.

Chris Heigele was appointed Chairman of the 2016 DRI Civil Rights and Governmental Tort Liability Seminar.

On November 12, 2014, Larry Nordling was awarded the 2014 "Over Achiever Award" by the St. Agnes Dads Club for his commitment and countless volunteer hours for the students and teachers of St. Agnes School in Roeland Park, Kansas. Coronado Katz LLC congratulates Larry on receiving this award and his dedication to the St. Agnes and Roeland Park communities.

Member Steven F. Coronado, recently obtained summary judgment in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri for their client, a former public school wrestling coach.

The plaintiff, a former student at a public middle school and member of the school's wrestling team, alleged he was injured during a wrestling practice. He sought damages from the defendant. The defendant was a former wrestling coach and teacher at the plaintiff's school. Specifically, the plaintiff alleged he was injured participating in an activity performed with another wrestler as part of a wrestling practice. The practice in question was attended by some members of the high school wrestling team and the plaintiff was injured while performing a wrestling drill with a larger high school wrestler. The plaintiff, now an adult, alleged the defendant coach was negligent in having the plaintiff paired with the high school wrestler. Furthermore, the plaintiff argued the defendant coach violated the school district policies and the bylaws of the Missouri State High School Athletic Association ("MSHSAA") and had breached ministerial duties owed to plaintiff.

The defendant coach filed a motion for summary judgment based on the application of official immunity because he (1) was a public employee, and (2) was performing discretionary acts. The defense also argued the MSHSAA bylaws alleged to have been violated were unrelated to the alleged negligence and could not be a basis for denying official immunity to the defendant for his discretionary acts.

In entering summary judgment, the court found the defendant coach was a public school employee and was entitled to official immunity. The court found that neither MSHSAA bylaws nor the district's policies created a ministerial duty owed by the defendant coach. Instead, the court found the duties owed by the defendant coach were discretionary and therefore he was entitled to official immunity. Finally, the court noted that allowing a suit against a public school coach would be against public policy because it would only serve to stigmatize the recruitment of coaches for sporting activities in public schools.

Steven Coronado recently attended the first Data Breach and Cyber Liability Seminar to be held by the Defense Research Institute

Coronado Katz remains undefeated in jury trials following a recent verdict in a slip and fall case this month in Clay County, Missouri. The case was tried by Steven Coronado and Maggie Tucker. The trial took four days to complete and the jury returned its verdict in our client's favor after approximately 2 hours of deliberations. Steve and Maggie were assisted at trial by paralegal Andy Rizzo.

Mark Katz, Chris Heigele and paralegal Andy Rizzo teamed up for a big jury trial win in federal court in Kansas. Our clients manufactured and sold a pressure washer to the plaintiffs. The pressure washer was put away after it was used for 8 hours without sufficient cool-down time with the hot muffler guard against combustible materials, which started a fire resulting in a total loss of the plaintiffs' home and its contents. The plaintiffs and their insurance company claimed the warnings on the machine and in the operator's manual were inadequate to warn of the danger of putting away a pressure washer with a hot engine, but our clients pointed out two warnings on the machine, itself, along with a variety of instructions in the manual that let the plaintiffs know of the possible hazard. The plaintiffs sought almost $1 million in damages for property loss. The jury found the plaintiff who used the pressure washer 90% at fault and found the plaintiffs suffered no damage at all, resulting in zero liability to our clients.

In June Steven Coronado completed his term as President of the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers. Steve's term ended at MODL's Annual Meeting with the highest attendance in the organization's history. While over the past several years most organizations like MODL have struggled to maintain a stable membership, over the past year membership in MODL grew from approximately 1,200 to over 1,450. Registration for this year's MODL Trial Academy was at the highest level in three years and fully subscribed months before registration closed. Attendance at all other MODL functions was up overall by about 30%. Congratulations to Steve and MODL for a great year.

Mark Katz and Maggie Tucker teamed up for a big win for Coronado Katz clients in the 10th Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. The case started in federal court in Kansas. Mark and Maggie represented a city, its city manager and police chief that were sued by a police officer who had been fired for cause. The police officer claimed he was denied a "name-clearing hearing," essentially an opportunity to contest the reason for his firing to clear his name - although the city had set two such hearings and he had failed to appear at either one. Early in the process, Mark and Maggie identified and investigated two defenses - one on the merits of the case, because the police officer failed to show up at the hearings, and one based on the possibility that the police officer had waited too long to file his law suit. Based on the information available, Mark and Maggie filed an early motion for summary judgment - a motion to get the immediate attention of the Kansas federal judge - that the police officer filed his law suit too late so the law suit should be dismissed. The judge agreed and granted the motion. The police officer appealed the decision, but the court of appeals agreed with the Kansas judge that Mark and Maggie's motion should be granted. Results: A big win for the clients, and avoidance of costly and time-consuming litigation that saved the clients tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of lost productivity.

Steve Coronado participated as an Instructor at this year's Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers annual Trial Academy. This year's MODL Trial Academy was the best attended session in the past several years.

Steve Coronado was admitted to the Bar of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. They can now continue to handle cases in Federal Court on the eastern side of the state without having to seek admission to appear pro hac vice.

Steve Coronado and Maggie Tucker attended the Claims Litigation Management Alliance Annual Meeting in Boca Raton Florida along with approximately 2000 insurance claims professionals and attorneys. Maggie continues in her position as Chair of the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee.

Maggie Tucker was admitted to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mark Katz has been selected to present on the topic of "Defense and Indemnity Clauses in Product Liability Cases" at the 2014 Product Liability Mini-Conference being held by Claims & Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) in Columbus, Ohio on June 13, 2014. Founded in 2007, CLM is a national organization created to meet the needs of professionals in the claims and litigation management industries.

Larry Nordling was recently awarded the inaugural "St. Agnes Angel Award" by St. Agnes School located in Roeland Park, Kansas. The St. Agnes Angel Award is awarded monthly to individuals who demonstrate exemplary dedication and commitment to improving St. Agnes through their words and deeds. Larry was nominated by the School Staff and recognized for his numerous hours of volunteer work in support of and improvements to St. Agnes School. Coronado Katz LLC congratulates Larry on receiving this award and his dedication to the St. Agnes and Roeland Park communities.

On November 18, 2013, Larry Nordling was elected to serve on the Executive Board for Musical Theater for Young People (MTYP), a non-profit organization. MTYP is the Midwest's premiere professional training program for students in grades 2 through 12. Students who participate in MTYP learn from professionally trained vocal, dance and acting coaches to create a truly professional Broadway experience. MTYP faculty and master class instructors are individuals who studied music and theater in college, are currently working in musical theater on Broadway and venues across the United States and many of them are MTYP alums. Since MTYP started in 1984, many of its students have performed on Broadway, in Hollywood and around the world. Both Larry and Coronado Katz, LLC are proud to support the Arts and youth initiatives in the greater Kansas City Metro area.

Larry Nordling was recently selected as a presenter for the 2014 Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce's Business Class series. Larry will be presenting a one-hour seminar, "Deciphering, Understanding and Negotiating Contracts with Larger Companies," at 11:45 a.m. on September 3, 2014 at the Board Room of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, 1st floor of Union Station, 30 West Pershing Road, Kansas City, Missouri. Coronado Katz LLC congratulates Larry on this honor.

Negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent misrepresentation, and violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. Plaintiffs in the case sought compensatory damages exceeding $32,000.00, and punitive damages. Through negotiations conducted by Steve and Larry, the other defendant in the case funded 100% of the settlement amount paid to plaintiffs to resolve the case.

Steve Coronado and Larry Nordling Co-authored the Missouri chapter of the Defense Research Institute's latest publication entitled Product Liability Defenses: A State by State Compendium which is now available for purchase from DRI.

Steve Coronado recently attended the DRI Annual Meeting held in Chicago

Steve Coronado recently published a case note on a recent Missouri bad faith case: Insurer Gets More Than it Bargains For: Excess Insurer Recovers Because of Primary Insurers Bad Faith Refusal to Settle.


Senior Member Steven Coronado was recently interviewed by Scott Lauck for an article published in Missouri Lawyer's Weekly regarding settlements and jury trials. Steve was chosen to be interviewed by Scott Lauck because of Steve's experience in defending civil actions and resolving cases in litigation. The article appeared in the October 7, 2013 issue of Missouri Lawyer's Weekly.

Steve Coronado's case note on the Aipperspach v McInerney et al. decision out of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri was recently published in the MODL Quarterly Report.

We are pleased to announce that Steve Coronado's and Chris Heigele's recent victory in a recent wrongful death case involving one of their police department clients was featured in the DRI publication, The Voice. Below is the link to the story:

Coronado Katz is proud to announce that Mark Katz, one of its founding members, has been chosen to serve on the Civil Litigation and Procedure Specialty Board of the Journal of American Law. Mark's selection was the culmination of a competitive process that included 160 applicants from across the United States.

Larry Nordling authored the lead article in the Summer, 2013 edition of the Kansas Defense Journal published by the Kansas Association of Defense Counsel (KADC) titled "Senate Bill 124: An Effort to Restore Reasonableness to the Kansas Restraint of Trade Act in the Wake of O’Brien v. Leegin Creative Leather Products. The article explored the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision in the O’Brien case, as well as the remedial efforts by the Kansas legislature through enacting Senate Bill 124 to counter the result reached in the O’Brien decision.

Larry Nordling recently attended the 2013 Crawford County Bar Association Annual Meeting, CLE seminar and charity event held in Pittsburg, Kansas. The CLE seminar was presented by Stanton Hazlett. Funds raised by the charity event following the seminar benefitted the Child Exchange and Visitation Center in Pittsburg, Kansas.

All of the attorneys from Coronado Katz LLC recently attended the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (MODL) Conference in Branson, MO.

Coronado Katz LLC is proud to announce that Maggie Tucker recently received the "AV" rating from Martindale Hubble.

In June, 2013, Larry Nordling sponsored the 17th Annual St. Agnes Golf Classic, a local community event where 100% of the funds raised directly fund programs and activities for the over 300 students at St. Agnes School. Donations and funds raised through the Golf Classic over the years have helped ensure no student at St. Agnes is denied the opportunity to participate in various academic enrichment programs and youth athletic activities.

In June, Steven Coronado was elected President of the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (MODL). MODL is a 1,200 member organization of civil defense trial lawyers from across the state of Missouri. Steve will serve in this position until the MODL Annual Meeting In June 2014.

CK is proud to help sponsor the Lickel Classic Golf Tournament, an annual Kansas City event that supports local charities. The proceeds of this year's tournament will benefit Kids with Courage, an organization dedicated to assisting children and young people diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. For more information about the mission and programs offered by Kids with Courage, click here.

In May Steven Coronado attended and spoke on the topic of Fire Scene Investigation of a Product Fire at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Product Liability Conference held in Dallas Texas.

In April Steven Coronado attended and spoke on the topic of trial tactics at the Defense Research Institute Product Liability Conference in Washington DC.

Chris Heigele recently successfully mediated a case involving constitutional claims against a County Deputy Sheriff in the US District Court of Missouri for the Western District. Chris was able to, under the circumstances, negotiate for his insurance adjuster to appear at the court-ordered mediation via video conferencing technology. See the Link for the discussion of this potentially cost effective alternative.

Chris Heigele has analyzed the recent Missouri Appeals Court Decision of Dilley v. Valentine, which is of import to Missouri law enforcement agencies and municipalities with respect to police pursuits. See the Link for Chris's case analysis.

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